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Our worksheets are designed to be easy to use and understand for those traders that are new to options yet flexible enough so that all traders can fully evaluate their strategies. All you have to do is type in the stock symbol, select the strike price and expiration and iVolatility does the rest. Our databases supply all the inputs to calculate what your returns would be at expiration under several different scenarios. You can add 'what if' prices, analyze results when trading on margin, and even adjust for commissions. Currently, we have worksheets for 4 of the most common option strategies (see below for descriptions), but we plan to add several more over time. All worksheets will be available for a single, low monthly fee of $9.95. Worksheets and Scanners will be available for $30/month

Strategy description
Option Strategy Worksheets
Naked Put Writing Analysis A bullish strategy whereby an investor sells puts, and is thereby obligated to buy the shares of the underlying stock - if the option is exercised. The investor earns the option premium and, if exercised, lowers the effective entry price of long stock position.
Covered Call Writing Analysis
A bullish strategy whereby an investor buys the underlying stock and sells an at-the-money or slightly out-of-money call option. The investor earns the premium, and is obligated to sell the underlying stock if the option is exercised. If option expires worthless, then the investor has lowered the effective entry level of the long underlying stock position.
Married/Protective Put Purchase AnalysisA defensive strategy whereby an investor buys the underlying stock and buys a put. In the event that the underlying stock price drops, the strike price of the put limits the investor's loss during the life of the of contract.
Equity Collar AnalysisA defensive low cost strategy whereby an investor buys the underlying stock, buys an out-of-the-money put and sells an out-of-the-money call. The long put position limits the possible losses in case of the underlying stock price drops and the short call reduces the net cost. However the possible profit is also limited by the call strike.

Payment Description
Access to these worksheets is $9.95/month.

Option Strategy Scanners
Naked Put Writing

Covered Call Writing Analysis
The Strategist Scanners are designed to make it easier to find option related investment opportunities that meet your objectives. Our user-friendly menu guides you through the process to generate a list of up to 100 stock/option candidates for a particular option strategy.

Let's say you are looking to generate additional income by selling calls on stocks you already own or might want to buy. You want to earn an additional 5% to 10% annually if the options expire worthless, but if the stocks are called away you want to earn at least 20%. Our scanner will select the options with the right strikes and with the theoretical premiums that will meet those objectives.

This is just one of the searches our scanner can do for you. There are 12 different parameters from which you can choose to narrow your search for the right trade. So why spend hours doing this work yourself when iVolatility can do it for you in a few minutes?

Payment Description
For $30 per month you will have access to both the Strategist Worksheets and Scanners. Sign up now and receive a free 2 week grace period to see if you can score with the Strategist Scanner.