IVX Volatility Monitor - a FREE new service with intraday volatilities for IVolatility.com users and financial web-sites.

We are proud to announce the launch of our IVX Volatility Monitor. In these dynamic markets, every trader needs to know the market's implied volatility so they can accurately adjust their trading strategies and positions during the trading day. IVX Volatility Monitor gives every user of IVolatility.com current readings of intraday implied volatility on major indices and benchmarks in US equity and futures markets.

This includes

  • Dow Jones, Russell, S&P, NASDAQ market indices,
  • XAU, SOX, OSX sector indices,
  • exchange traded funds like QQQQ, SPY, XLF,
  • top stocks like IBM.

Intraday you can monitor IVX 30 day, its change from the previous close and comparison to 1 Year's High/Low Values. Those hi/low numbers give a good perspective for current implied volatility.

IVX is an expected stock volatility over a future period. It is derived from current option prices and it is available for any optionable security. IVX is VIX® (® is a registered trademark of Chicago Board Options Exchange, Incorporated) -like measure. To read more about IVX and its comparison to VIX® please go to IVX new description. IVolatility.com, a market leader in providing historical and intraday data, analytical services and tools as well as comprehensive risk management for the derivatives marketplace. We introduced the Implied Volatility Index (IVX) almost 10 years ago.

Once the monitor is on screen, click/select the symbol. You will see a chart with the intraday IVX value VS its previous day's close.

IVX is a registered trade mark of IVolatility.com

The service is FREE of charge to our users.

You may easily install IVX Volatility Monitor as your desktop application.
Please download IVXMonitor Widget corresponding to the operating system you work with:

Windows Vista Sidebar:Download Gadget
MacOS Dashboard:        Download Widget

Or if you want to place IVXMonitor Widget on your personal Web-site just copy and paste this small part of code:

into the HTML page where you want to see IVX Volatility Monitor.

If you are interested in getting a customized IVX product for your web-site please read our proposal or contact our sales at sales@ivolatility.com.